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Our Puppy Parties are happening on the 1st Friday of every month! Pre-register to join us here.

Class Descriptions

Doggie Academy Classes

Walk This Way Classes

Urban K-9 Classes

Puppy Party: Puppies not only need training, but socialization as well. Introduce them to other puppies, people, sights and sounds in a safe environment at our monthly Puppy Party! On the first Friday of every month, one of our lead trainers will host puppies under 6 months old and their families for two hours of supervised socialization. Bring your puppy, training questions and maybe a glass of wine. It is a party, after all. Pre-registration is required. 2 hours $20

Doggie Academy

Agility Connections: Prerequisite – Intro to Agility or instructor’s permission. You will connect with your dog so that he can run short obstacle sequences. Your dog will learn new obstacle skills and you will learn and try different handling options. Class may be repeated. 6 weeks $300

Agility Skills: Prerequisite – Intro to Agility or instructor’s permission. Fundamentals of agility are emphasized as we continue to build your dog’s confidence on obstacles. Class may be repeated. 6 weeks $300

Basic Manners: Teach your dog the skills he needs to be a well-mannered family member. You will learn how to communicate with your dog in order to teach him Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Leash Walking & more. 6 weeks $270

Beginner Agility: Prerequisite - Intro to Agility or instructor's permission. Refine your dog's obstacle skills and begin to build obstacle sequences. Handler skills are introduced (that means the human has work to do!) so you and your dog work and learn as a team. Class may be repeated. 6 weeks $300

CGC Canine Good Citizen Workshop: Do you think your dog has the potential to be an AKC Canine Good Citizen? The CGC program was created to reward dogs that have good manners in the home & in the community. This class prepares dogs to pass each of the 10 test items and culminates with the opportunity to pass the test and earn the CGC title. 4 weeks $180

Dogs Behaving Badly: This workshop is appropriate for dogs of all training levels. If your dog needs to learn some self control especially around food, doors, dogs and/or greeting people then this is the class for you! 1 hour $45

Intermediate Manners - About Town: Prerequisite - Basic Manners or similar. Increase your dog's skills developed in Basic Manners by introducing more distractions. You will also learn how to apply these behaviors and the tools in your training toolbox to the real world. Outside "field trips" will give you plenty of opportunity to practice. 4 weeks $180

Intro to Agility: Agility is a fun dog sport that has your dog jumping hurdles, through hoops and tackling several other obstacles all the while teaching you and your dog to work as a team. Whether your goal is to become a World Champion team or just having a really good time, this class is the place to start! The instructor has several AKC agility titles on her own dog and competes at the Masters level. Obstacles introduced will include jumps, tunnels, tires and weave poles. 6 weeks $300

Jumping Drills: Prerequisite - Intro to Agility or instructor's permission. Take your dog's understanding of jumps to a higher level. Each week we will learn new drills that your can practice anywhere. Increase your dog's ability to read angles, wrap tightly, interpret handling and more. 6 weeks $300

Leash Aggression Workshop: Does your dog bark and/or lunge at dogs, skateboards or other distractions on leash? In this seminar, learn how to avoid outbursts and begin to change your dog's response. You'll get lots of practice and the small class size makes for a low stress class. LIMITED TO FOUR DOGS PER SEMINAR. 4 weeks $180

Leash Walking for the Difficult Dog: It is frustrating to walk a dog that pulls your shoulder out of its socket or trips other pedestrians by criss crossing the sidewalk. It's not fun when your dog lunges for each passing dog, bicycle, child or shrub. Training that difficult dog on a prong collar is a quick and effective way to save your shoulder and have a polite leash walker. This class will introduce you and your dog to the prong collar and send you on your way with the skills to have stress free walks. Class fee includes a Herm Sprenger prong collar. Not appropriate for leash aggressive dogs. 1 hour $65

Loose Leash Walking Workshop: Prerequisite - Basic Manners or similar. Do you walk your dog or does s/he walk you? In this class you will learn a variety of techniques for teaching leash walking so you can choose what works best for you. You will be given the opportunity to practice them during outside walking challenges featuring various distractions. 4 weeks $180

Puppy Agility: For puppies up to 8 months with at least one round of "puppy shots." This class is like taking your puppy to the playground! It is your puppy's first opportunity to play with agility equipment in a safe, secure environment. Even if you are not planning to pursue Agility with your dog, this is a great way to introduce him to novel stimuli during that critical socialization period. Objects with weird textures, movement and sounds will all be included. Equipment introduced may include bar jump, tire jump, wobble board, pause table, and tunnel. Jump bars are on the floor to avoid stressing puppy joints. 1 hour $45

Puppy Fundamentals: For puppies up to 22 weeks with at least one round of "puppy shots." This is an open enrollment class which means you can register to begin at anytime and attend four continuous classes. Each class will include a variety of puppy topics and basic behaviors in addition to at ton of great socialization and puppy play. The four classes are A: Attention, B: Bathroom, C: Chewing & D: Discipline. This class is designed to help you integrate your puppy into your home as soon as he or she arrives. Your puppy is learning all the time, so with Puppy Fundamentals you'll be able to create good habits immediately instead of trying to fix bad habits later. It is appropriate to take this class prior to or in conjunction with a more traditional manners or obedience class. 4 weeks $180

Small Dog Agility: Without having to worry about the large stride of big dogs, several obstacles can be set up at one time. Short sequences are set up and each participant gets several opportunities to run each one. For dogs under 25 lbs. 1 hour $45

Weaves & Teeters: Prerequisite - Intro to Agility or instructor's permission. For agility dogs of all levels. This class focuses on two challenging obstacles, the weave poles and the teeter totter. Whether your dog needs confidence running the teeter, help with his contacts, speed or consistency in the poles, this class will allow plenty of practice on the obstacles to improve his performance. May be repeated. 6 weeks $300

Walk This Way

Come and Play (for puppies): Designed for puppies under six months of age, this seminar combines social time with working on establishing a reliable recall in your little one. 1 hour $45

Fear Aggression Seminar: (for humans only - no dogs) Does your dog do his best to scare off visitors? Neighbors in the hallway? Does a friendly approach from a stranger send him into a panic? 1 hour $45

Fetch!: Have you become an expert at throwing the ball and then running to retrieve it? Would you prefer the dog do it for you? Come on down! 1 hour $45

Housetraining 101: (for humans only – no dogs) Whether you have a new puppy or a hard to train adult, this seminar covers all of the housetraining bases, from wee wee pads to transitioning to outside. 1 hour $45

"Just for Little Dogs" Seminar: (for humans only - no dogs) Small dogs experience the world from a whole different level, and this seminar addresses the problems and concerns of the "under 20 pound" crowd. Learn about leash aggression, dog run safety, basic house rules, and all of the special issues that small dogs and their humans face. 1 hour $45

Leash Aggression Seminar: Is your dog GREAT at the dog run and doggie daycare…but a bit hard to handle when he/she sees another dog on leash? Want to fix the problem? Or if you have a puppy, wanna PREVENT the problem? 1 hour $45

Leash Walking Seminar: Do you want your dog to be more interested in YOU when you're out for a walk, walk politely on a loose leash, heel (!) and deal with distractions? (dogs DO attend this seminar) 1 hour $45

Level 1 Training: Adult: For dogs over 6 months of age. This class covers basic commands (sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, come) as well as addressing good doggie manners (mouthing, chewing, jumping, barking, housetraining). 4 weeks $180

Level 1 Training: Puppy: For dogs under six months of age. This class covers basic commands (sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, come) as well as addressing good doggie manners (mouthing, chewing, jumping, barking, housetraining). The puppy class DOES include a fair amount of socialization time for your little one as well. 4 weeks $180

Level 2 Training: This course takes what your pup learned in the Level 1 class and builds on that knowledge. We work to proof the stay and coming when called commands around distraction, teach your dog to do the sit/down/stay commands from a distance, make sure he’s listening to you even when he’s not looking in your direction, and stop a running dog in his tracks. These classes are open to dogs that have taken our Level 1 class, or that have been evaluated and deemed ready for intermediate training. 4 weeks $180

New Baby Seminar: (for humans only - no dogs) Planning on starting a family? Concerned about your dog's reaction to a new baby in the house? We'll teach you how to prepare Fido for the baby's arrival, make the change in his life as smooth as possible, and offer tips on how to keep the peace once your baby starts to move around. 1 hour $45

Nose Works:Nose work is one of the fastest growing canine sports around! We teach them to find hidden treats, find your car keys in the midst of other sets of keys, learn the names of toys, search the ground and the air for scents, and differentiate between smells. This is something you can do at home once you learn how. It's mentally stimulating, builds confidence, is REALLY fun for everyone, and (this is good for the humans) exhausting for the dogs! Sign up early – this is our most popular “fun” seminar. 4 weeks $180

Teaching Your Old(er) Dog New Tricks – Sometimes once a dog has learned the basics and retired from the dog park, we don’t give them enough to do. This course was designed to keep aging dogs vibrant and cognitively sharp. We’ll combine a few fun tricks with a bit of nose work, add in a sprinkle of reminders about basic training that might have gotten rusty, and give those couch potatoes something to think about! While created with dogs over the age of ten in mind, this is open to any dog over seven years of age. 4 weeks $180

That’s Mine!: Does your dog pick up every chicken bone on the street? Does he attempt to guard these found treasures (or his own toys or bones) when you try and take them away? This seminar will help establish a reliable “drop it” and work to lesson your dog’s anxiety about you coming near his possessions. 1 hour $45

Recall Seminar: Designed for adult dogs OVER six months of age, this seminar combines social time with working on establishing a reliable recall. Dogs attending must be social (or at least passive) with other dogs. 1 hour $45

Separation Anxiety Seminar: (for humans only - no dogs) Can't leave the house without your dog barking, destroying things or eliminating? Can't tie him up outside a café and run in for a coffee? 1 hour $45

Shy Dog Social Hour: Designed for adult dogs in need of a little socialization with other dogs. This seminar is NOT for dogs who are actively aggressive to other dogs. We're looking for the little wallflowers. If you aren't sure if your dog would fit, please email us to ask. 1 hour $45

Tricks Seminar: Learn 9 Cool Tricks – shake, high five, wave, roll over, bang, dance – and more! 1 hour $45

Wheel Aggression Seminar: Are skateboard, rollerblades, & granny carts your dog's enemy? We have all of those things. Bring your dog and your bag of chicken and come on down. 1 hour $45

Urban K-9

Around the Town:This class focuses on training in the real world outside in Prospect Park and the busy streets of Brooklyn. Your dog will learn to heel with attention, sit stay, down stay, come when called, leave it and drop it. Your dog will come away from this class able to lay calmly at your feet while you have lunch at a cafe and be polite in public settings. 4 weeks $180

Basic Obedience: All training starts with a basic foundation. This class focuses on name recognition, sit, polite greetings, down stay, place, leave it, drop it, come, and heel on leash. This is the beginning of a great relationship. 6 weeks $270

Basic Obedience Leash Training:This class is for those who want more reliable behaviors in the face of distractions. We incorporate the use of food and training collars to achieve reliability and control for the average pet owner. Learn how to clearly and effectively communicate with your dog. You will come away with heeling on leash, sit stay, down stay, place, leave it and drop it. We recommend a Star mark training collar or Herm Sprenger training collar for this class. This is not a food only class. 4 weeks $180

Canine Good Citizen: Take your training to the next level. The more well behaved your dog is the more places you can take them. CGC is a building block to therapy work and dog sports. When the Coop board or Landlord asks to meet your dog you will be proud to show them off. Impress your new landlord or coop board by telling them your dog is an AKC Canine Good Citizen! Dogs must have completed a basic obedience class. This class is designed to polish up their current skills and work specifically on the 10 exercises given in the test. The CGC test will be given on week 4. 4 weeks $180

Canine Holiday Manners: Does your dog bolt out the door when company arrives? Counter surf for food, beg while your eating holiday dinner? Or in general just seem to act unruly when guests are over? Learn skills and behaviors to have a well mannered dog through the holidays and beyond. 4 weeks $180

Heeling, Loose Leash Walking and Reliable Stays : Walking nicely on leash by your side without pulling or lunging is critical living in NYC. This class focuses on heeling a "structured walk", loose leash walking a "casual walk" and gaining reliable stays both indoors and outdoors. 4 weeks $180

Intermediate Obedience: This course is designed for those who have been through a basic obedience course and wish to proof and build more reliability with their dogs. Your dog should already be familiar with basic exercises such as sit, down, name recognition and come. 4 weeks $180

Intro to Competition Obedience: Are you interested in focused attentive heeling or possibly learning more about competition obedience? This is a introduction to all of the exercises it takes to strive towards an AKC or UKC CD title for your dog. Exercises taught are attention and heeling, figure eight exercise, finish, stand for exam, sit stay, down stay, come when called. This is also a great course for those looking for a more reliable obedient dog. 4 weeks $180

Intro to Rally Obedience: Rally is an interactive dog sport that combines obedience skills with competitive obedience training in a relaxed and fun way. Rally is a sport that the handler and dog complete a course that has been designed by the rally judge. You will proceed through a course of 10-20 stations. At each station a skill will be performed such as 360 turns, halts about turns, down stay, finish, or fronts to name a few. Rally can help build your dog's confidence and obedience not to mention strengthen your relationship with your dog. This is a great course to take if you are looking to progress from a basic or intermediate class or looking for a fun sport to do with your dog. 4 weeks $180

Puppy Obedience: This class is for puppies 8 weeks to 20 weeks of age. This class focuses on socializing with other puppies and people. Your puppy will learn basic commands such as attention to name, sit, down, place, leave it, and drop it. You will learn tools to housebreak, crate train and correct nipping and biting. This class sets the foundation to build on and teaches you to have a wonderful relationship with your dog. 4 weeks $180

Reliable Recall: Recalls or come when called is the most important thing your dog should learn. It not only gives you and your dog more freedom but it can also keep them out of harms way. This is four week course designed to work on attention and recalls at Prospect Park so you can work in real life situations. 4 weeks $180

Tricks: Tricks is a great way to have fun with your dog and strengthen your relationship. With our tricks class you will be able to put a nice routine together with your own dog! In our tricks class you and your dog will learn weave through legs, crawl, spin, take a bow, center through legs, go thru, back up, go to place, take a bow and do shy or cover eyes and more! A basic class is a prerequisite your dog should also be friendly around other dogs. 6 weeks $270