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Our Puppy Parties are happening on the 1st Friday of every month! Register to join us here.

Puppy Party Pre-Registration

"Puppy parties are just a brilliant idea. Early socialization is absolutely crucial." - Dr. Ian Dunbar

Puppies not only need training, but socialization as well. Introduce them to other puppies, people, sights and sounds in a safe environment at our monthly Puppy Party! On the first Friday of every month, one of our lead trainers will host puppies under 6 months old and under 30 lbs with their families for two hours of supervised socialization. Bring your puppy, training questions and maybe a glass of wine. It is a party, after all. Registeration is required. Limited to 12 puppies.
7pm-9pm $20

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and go to "Group Classes" for the Puppy Party.